This Mocha-Caramel-Honey Post-Racial Fantasy Is Making Me Sick

By Sharon Chang


“Are we bingeing on mixed-race beauty to feel better about racism?”





This article says so many things I have been thinking.

There is also a thing called beauty privilege, that I do not hear others talking about in that way.


The article is excellent and detailed overall.

The one bit I would say differently is where Sharon says:
“We know race is not biological…”.


Race is exactly biological. The fact that race is about biology does not need to reinforce racism however. “The Nature of Race”, by Ann Morning goes into this and how different scientists view race differently. The big opposing views are between anthropologists and medical scientists.



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Multiracial Asian Families: Mixed or Not, Why Are We Still Taking Pictures of “Race”?

“This person is an actual living, breathing human being — but she is not being treated as such…Her physical body is used as a site for others to play out their racial theorizing while her own voice and story remain conspicuously absent.”

Community Village‘s insight:
It seems the current fascination is on new and often unique versions of mixed race. Some say exotic.
In the future the fascination may shift to unique designer babies, or ‘mono-racial’ people, although it’s said that there are no pure races. However, there are people who are recently mixed between continents and others who have not mixed between continents in hundreds or thousands of years.

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