RaceBox.org – The Census since 1790

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The Census since 1790. Archived by @joshbegley.

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whoa! I wanted to create this collection. Someone beat me to it.
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The Secret History of Race in the United States

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Daniel J. Sharfstein, Associate Professor of LawVanderbilt University   The Yale Law JournalVolume 112, Issue 6 (March 2003)pages 1473-1509   “What most legal histories of these issues have omitted—but what must not be forgotten—is that race is, at root, personal. The historian Thomas C.Holt wrote that the study of race is in many ways the study of “everyday life and ‘everydayness.’” Cases like Spencer v. Looney, Ferrall v. Ferrall, and even Plessy v. Ferguson show not only that race is situated at a peculiar intersection of large ideas and the minutiae of everyday experience—the place where a person becomes a problem, as W.E.B. Du Bois famously observed—but also that courts occupy much of that same terrain. Legal materials are essential sources for the history of race, as much for the ideas that judges generated about the color line as for the insights cases reveal about the lives lived in its shadow. To make sense of either, one must make sense of both.”
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