A Conversation Defining Transracial Adoption with Anderson Cooper (CNN)

Earlier this week I, along with 21 other adoptee’s, adoption professionals and activists joined together to write An Open Letter: Why Co-opting “Transracial” in the Case of Rachel Dolezal is Problematic. The result was a media blitz, helping to define the word transracial. I was interviewed by the New York TimesWashington Post and International Business Times, as well as other outlets who supported adoptees in our desire to reclaim the integrity of this word.

View my conversation with Anderson Cooper here.

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The Media Is Doing Exactly What Rachel Dolezal’s Abusive Homeschooling Parents Want

“Every time we go after Rachel, we are doing exactly what her abusive parents want.”

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How Rachel Dolezal Just Made Things Harder for Those of Us Who Don’t “Look Black”

Because I appear white to most people, I already get asked the dumbest questions you can imagine about race. Now it’s only going to get worse.

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Rachel Dolezal, head of Spokane NAACP and the appearance of mixed race

The racial identity of Rachel Dolezal, one of the most prominent faces in Spokane’s black community, is under question; birth certificate shows she’s white.

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The appearance of being of mixed race.