#EmergingUS: Dear Donald Trump


Donate to Antifas who stood up to KKK in Anaheim!

Donate to the anti-fascists/anti-racists who put their lives on the line to stand up against white supremacy.

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Beyond Racial Gridlock: Embracing Mutual Responsibility: George Yancey:

Christians have struggled with racial issues for centuries, and often inadvertently contribute to the problem. Many proposed solutions have been helpful, but these only take us so far. Adding to this complex situation is the reality that Christians of different races see the issues differently. Sociologist George Yancey surveys a range of approaches to racial healing that Christians have used and offers a new model for moving forward.

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Marcia Dawkins Author of Clearly Invisible Racial Passing

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“Marcia Dawkins’ book, Clearly Invisible (Baylor University Press, 2012), is the first to connect racial passing and classical rhetoric to issues of disability, gender-neutral parenting, human trafficking, hacktivism, identity theft, racial privacy, media typecasting and violent extremism.

By applying fresh eyes to landmark historical cases and benchmark popular culture moments in the history of passing Dawkins also rethinks the representational character and civic purpose of multiracial identities. In the process she provides powerful insights called “passwords” that help readers tackle the tough questions of who we are and how we can relate to one another and the world.”
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A Good Man – Official Trailer – Bill. T Jones documentary for American Masters

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We, The People?

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“Black people don’t talk like that.” “White people don’t think like that.” “Red people don’t act like that.” “Yellow people don’t listen to that.” “Brown people don’t dress like that.” Beige (i.e. …
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Robert De Niro, 68, and wife, 56, welcome a child via surrogate

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The Oscar-winner and wife Grace Hightower De Niro, 56, welcomed daughter through a surrogate mother, Entertainment Tonight reports.
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Loving Gif!

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Loving Gif!
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It may not be racist, but it’s a question I’m tired of hearing

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Ariane Sherine: Looking a bit brown still means being asked where you’re from.
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