El DeBarge (African American, English, French Canadian, Native American) [American]

Known as: Grammy Nominated Singer-Songwriter (Former lead singer of the R&B group “DeBarge”)

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Is Beyonce Black, White, Mixed Race, African American? Her Biracial Ethnicity Nationality Heritage

BEYONCE IS OF MIXED ETHNICITY. Her father is of African American heritage, while her mother is a Louisiana Créole. Learn more about her biracial mix.

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Mariah Carey: I was spat on in racist attack as a child

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TODAY – She may be one of the world’s most well-known and successful singers today, but Mariah Carey says she was not always accepted as a biracial child growing up on Long Island, NY…

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July Flashback: Miguel (aka Miguel Jontel Pimentel)(Mexican/African-American) [American]

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Known as: Grammy award winning singer-songwriter, musician & producer

Music Videos: Adorn, Sure Thing, All I Want Is You, Quickie

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July Flashback: A (Japanese/Japanese-Italian) [American/Japanese]

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Known as: Japanese R&B singer and rapper

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Community Village‘s insight:

Best lyrics ever from best song ever from best group ever

“What I got, will knock all your pride aside”

“I’ll make you, wish there was, 48 hours to each day”

“What I’ve got to give, will sure enough do you good”

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Light-skinned-ed Girl: Mixed Experience History Month 2013: Mance Lipscomb, Blues Great

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Mance Lipscomb was born April 9, 1895 in Texas. His father was African-American and had been enslaved. His mother was mixed-race: African-American and Choctaw. He took the name Mance from a family friend.

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Flashback Thursday: Kelis (African-American, Chinese, Puerto Rican) [American]

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Known as: Award Winning Singer-Songwriter

Music Videos: Milkshake, Caught Out There, Bossy
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