Métis People

L-R: Agatha Garneau, Archange Garneau, Charlotte Garneau, Placide Poirier near Strathcona, Alberta - Metis - 1901
Metis family near Strathcona, Alberta – 1901

Métis people (aka Katipâmsôchik), one of the Aboriginal peoples in Canada who trace their descent to mixed First Nations and European heritage.

The Métis homeland includes regions scattered across Canada, as well as parts of the northern United States (specifically Montana, North Dakota, and northwest Minnesota).

The photo above is from the Facebook album, Métis people, old photos (Part 1), more photos here, Métis people, old photos (Part 2)

Choreographer Rulan Tanga identifies as Métis. Check photos of Rulan and her interview here.

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