The Bay Area Reporter Online | Queer women’s film project showcases racial divide

Toasted Marshmallows is a film, performance, and community-building project created by two mixed-race queer women of color who’ve identified a gap in popular culture’s representation of mixed-race narratives.

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Maya & Chino for AB 2356

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Meet Maya and Chino, two parents who were legally denied equal access to fertility healthcare, simply because they are a same-sex couples. What began as a joyful experience of expanding their family turned into a painful experience of discrimination.


We have an opportunity to right this wrong. Assembly Bill 2356, sponsored by Equality California, will ensure that same-sex couples using a known donor can access fertility services on the same terms as other committed couples and put the joy of having a child within the reach of all loving families.


To learn more about Equality California’s current Legislative Package visit:

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Swirling Wedding Announcement! « Beyond Black & White

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Ah, love is a wonderful thing.  Especially if it happens in South Carolina between a white man AND a black man.
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