Alicia Menendez Interview: Trans People & Media’s Invasive Questions | Janet Mock

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Janet Mock flips the script on the Fusion host asking about her body, vagina and identity to demonstrate how transgender people are treated by journalists.

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The trouble with ‘passing’ for another race/sexuality/religion …

Koa Beck: The broadening of the definition historically used for those of mixed-race who ‘passed’ as white exposes the power of privilege

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Why I Don’t Sleep With White Guys

I live in a predominately white city. Everywhere I went, I was white men’s object (emphasis on object) of desire. I was being objectified, exoticized and sexualized for being one of few coloured girls in a sea of white men.

Community Village‘s insight:

At first I wasn’t going to share this because I didn’t see a photo in the post. However, this post seems to have hit a nerve with a lot of people. When I scooped it, the photo above was pulled in by I don’t think she’s the author – but it’s a photo 🙂

Here’s my favorite line from this article:

“As a mixed-race girl, I also found it unsettling that the colour of my skin allowed people to label me as “Black,” or as something tropical and exotic — it was always one of the two.”

Emphasis is mine.


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StormĂ© DeLarverie (Black/White) [American]

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Known as: Legendary Drag Performer & Stonewall Riot Veteran (The only Drag King of the legendary drag troupe “The Jewel Box” revue; Known as the “Stonewall Lesbian”; Sometimes referred to as the “Gay Community’s Rosa Parks”; Stormé was the topic of numerous documentaries including “Stormé: The Lady of the Jewel Box”)

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