On This Day: Dick Turpin becomes Britain’s first mixed-race boxing champion

He was born to a black Guyanan father and white English mother in the affluent Warwickshire town of Leamington Spa at a time when there were few mixed-race Britons.


He, together with his two younger brothers, Jack and Randolph, became boxers after being bullied over the colour of their skin.


They became a boxing dynasty – each enjoying a lot of success.

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Report: Charlie Strong acknowledged rumors he faced discrimination because of interracial marriage

First-year Louisville coach Charlie Strong watches his team and listens to assistants in the press box during action against Eastern Kentucky in their NCAA college football game at Cardinal Stadium in Louisville, Ky., Saturday, Sept. 11, 2010. (AP Photo/Garry Jones)

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Colin Kaepernick And ‘Post’ Post-Race America

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You remember: Barack Obama won the presidency, everyone was feeling all bloated with hope and the images of the Civil Rights era took on a shiny new hue, on the way from legend to prophecy. Eulogies for the recently deceased specter of racism met no sarcasm or derision; token blacks and browns everywhere suddenly, unimaginably belonged, like a stumble that becomes a part of a dance. We frolicked for a moment in the utopic playground of Post-Race America, where no one could see or respond to race because we were, you know, over it.

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Bryan Clay (Japanese/African-American) [American]

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Known as: Olympic Gold Medal winning and World Champion Decathlete (Reigning Decathlon Olympic Champion; 2005 Decathlon World Champion; Two-time Indoor World Heptathlon Champion)

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July Flashback: Mark Dacasco (Filipino, Spanish, Chinese, Irish, Japanese) [American]

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Known as: Actor and Champion Martial Artist

TV: The Chairman on “Iron Chef America”, Wo Fat on “Hawaii Five-0″, “Kamen Rider”, “The Crow: Stairway to Heaven”

Movies: “Crying Freeman”, “Brotherhood of the Wolf”, “Drive”, “Cradle 2 the Grave”

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June Flashback: Tim Howard (African-American/Hungarian) [American]

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Known as: Professional soccer/football player (Goalkeeper for Premier League’s Everton FC and the US National Team; Previously played for Manchester United, New York/New Jersey MetroStars)

Awards/Accolades: FIFA 2009 Confederations Cup Golden Glove; 2008 U.S. Soccer Athlete of the Year; 2003–04 PFA Premier League Team of the Year selection; 2001 MLS Goalkeeper of the Year; 2001 & 2002 MLS Best XI selection

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Erik Spoelstra (Dutch-Irish/Filipino) [American]

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Known as: Professional Basketball Coach (Head Coach of the NBA’s Miami Heat; First head coach of Asian descent in the four major North American sports leagues)

Awards/Accolades: 2012 NBA Championship; 2011 & 2012 NBA Eastern Conference Championship

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