A poem against internalization

by Starlette McNeill


You can search through my hair to ensure airport security.

You can bar  and color- code my skin.

You can socially position my body, marginalize or center.

But, you cannot touch who is within.


You can count me, number me: minority and majority.

You can in and out me, believe in and doubt me.

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Source: racelessgospel.com

The Story of Race | Starlette McNeill

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“Race is so deeply imbedded in our lives it appears to be the natural order of things. We must challenge that notion with all of the power of our science and society.”

~Yolanda Moses, Anthropologist

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I Shall Not Be Conformed -Starlette McNeill

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“It’s not about race; that’s the scapegoat. This is about how we treat one another and there’s no one to blame but us.   We draw the lines and then cross them.   We provide the rations of privilege and train our children for combat.   We strategize and plan and attack each other. Crying, “peace, peace” when that’s not what we really want.   We want war because we want sides– our side of the story to be prominent, our piece of the pie to be largest.”   -Starlette McNeill
Via thedailyrace.wordpress.com