MixedRaceStudies.org Book Give-Away a Huge Success

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“Thanks to the help of Fanshen Cox, Heidi Durrow, Jennifer Frappier and the rest of the Mixed Roots Film and Litterary Festival crew, my book give-away was a huge success!”

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The Multiracial Advocacy Blog: Walking While Black

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 “When President Obama came into office, he said he self-identifies as black. That is his right, his choice, and he has that option. What bothers me is the reason he gives for choosing to be black—because that is how people see him. Yes, it makes me feel less comfortable with a world leader who is so easily swayed by what other people think.” -Susan


“I find it quite acceptable that as a world leader, President Obama is swayed by what other people think. We live in a democracy.” -Steven F. Riley

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Steven F. Riley (Mixed Race Studies) interview by Michelle McCrary

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“ITYC welcomes creator, founder and editor of the site Mixed Race Studies.org Steve Riley to the podcast this week. In his words, Riley began Mixed Race Studies in April of 2009 “in recognition of our family members and friends who are ‘mixed-race’ and/or raising ‘mixed-race’ children, in response the growing number self-identifying ‘mixed-race’ living here in the Washington, DC area, and finally in celebration of my interracial marriage to my loving wife of 16 years.”   We’ll talk to him about the site, what he’s learned about issues of mixed identity over the last few years, and if his work has revealed anything about his own interracial relationship.”
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Demographic Demagoguery: Gregory Rodriguez’s views on race and the census just don’t add up

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“we are not entering a multiracial era, we have always been multiracial.”   “…‘race’ is a social, not biological construct; originally designed for the commoditization, exploitation, oppression and near extermination of African, indigenous (and later Asian) populations.”   “Race is an evolving convention that is constantly being constructed, deconstructed, and reconstructed to preserve the hegemony of those holding social and political power in the United States. Our decennial census is a tool that helps us measure our social interactions on the ground; not our dead ancestors in the ground.”   -Steven F. Riley
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