Steve Riley Co-hosts a Recap of Some Important Discussions

On todays of episode of Mixed Race Radio, join me and our special guest co-host, Steven Riley ( as we discuss some of our favorite Mixed Race Radio guests and conversations.

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Meet Steve Riley – Creator of Mixed Race Studies

Steven F. Riley

Mixed Race Radio’s Tiffany Reid interviews Steven F. Riley

“Join us as we meet Steven Riley, creator of which is a non-commercial website that provides a gateway to contemporary interdisciplinary (sociology, psychology, history, law, etc.) English language scholarship about the relevant issues surrounding the topic of multiracialism. The site has over 4,700 posts which consists of links to over +2,500 articles, +800 books, +500 dissertations/papers/reports, 200 multimedia items, etc. The site has been called the “most comprehensive and objective clearinghouse for scholarly publications related to critical mixed-race theory” by a leading scholar in the field.

Steve has been an Information Technology professional for 25 years in the D.C. area and is currently Director of Database Development and Design at a trade association in Washington D.C. His areas of expertise are application programming, database and website development.

When he is not developing software applications, he spends his time at home in Silver Spring, Maryland with his artist wife Julia of 25 years (the best thing that ever happened to him) working on his photography and reading books on history and sociology.”

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As Racist as We Wish to Be: Project RACE, “The Talk”, Obama and the Fear of Blackness

Via Scoop.itMixed American Life

by Steven F. Riley


Three years later and not a day wiser…


…in a still pre-post-racial America…


Accepting and embracing a mixed-race identity hardly reveals racial progress. As it is currently constructed, mixed-race identity does not dismantle racial hierarchies. Rather, it reiterates white supremacy by attempting to etch a space for itself somewhere under whiteness–which it knows it can never access–and definitely above blackness.



Thus in the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin tragedy when multitudes of commentators of all racialized identities proclaim “We are Trayvon,” Graham and Project RACE, proclaim “We are not black.”