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“I hear the Black girl’s cry and the White girl’s cry and the Black man’s cry and the White man’s cry, but it’s very seldom that you hear the cries of people who are mixed up like me. Seldom that you really hear what we go through. I just don’t feel like there’s a space for us. The field slave has a right to be angry at the house slave because they’re thinking ‘We sweating and you in there working in the house.’ But does the field slave understand what the house slave is going through? She’s being raped. She’s a product of rape. Maybe she doesn’t want to be who she is. Maybe she doesn’t want to take care of Massa every minute of the day. Maybe she’d prefer to be a field slave and dark skinned as opposed to being light skinned and in the house. But you wouldn’t know because you didn’t bother to ask. So when I go somewhere and people have their issues with me, I’m like ‘You are the ones creating an issue.’ And when we as a people keep doing that, we keep creating a cycle that’s really negative.”Tamara Thomas
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