Racism, White Supremacy and Biracial/Multiraciality (2011) | Tim Wise

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“1. From my September 2011 talk at Spalding University in Louisville, KY. In this snippet, I respond to a question about how we should understand or think about biracial and multiracial folks’ experiences in a system of racism/white supremacy.”


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ITYC Talks to Tim Wise ~ Is That Your Child

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“Last night, we aired our discussion with antiracist essayist, author and educator Tim Wise about his new book Dear White America. Wise explained that one of the most destructive features of white privilege is its indifference to the suffering of people of color. That indifference, he explained, which has been deadly to people of color for centuries, is now becoming extremely dangerous and deadly for white people. Wise also discussed the nature and the shape of white anxiety which is fueled in part by the fact that, for the first time, ‘whiteness’ has been rendered “highly visible” in all facets of society. In the book he writes:”
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GRITtv: Tim Wise: Race Discrimination a Public Health Issue

Tim Wise, author of Colorblind, suggests that we declare racism and racial discrimination a public health matter to see actual work toward a more equitable society.
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Tim Wise: Race and the Social Safety Net

Tim Wise, author of Colorblind, discusses the history of social safety net programs in the U.S.–and how racism played a part in the willingness to see them dismantled.
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