Skid Row’s Indian Alley Adorned with Native Murals to Honor Tragic Past

Artist Jaque Fragua rests after completing his mural in Indian Alley. (Stephen Zeigler)



By 1954 approximately 6200 Native Americans had been relocated to cities. –Indian Relocation Act of 1956 


Also see: Indian termination policy 
During 1953–1964, more than 100 tribes were terminated, approximately 1,365,801 acres (5,527 km2) of trust land were removed from protected status, and 13,263 Native Americans lost tribal affiliation. –Effects
From the native standpoint, Northern Cheyenne former U.S. Senator from Colorado Ben Nighthorse Campbell said of assimilation and termination in a speech delivered in Montana:
“ If you can’t change them, absorb them until they simply disappear into the mainstream culture. …In Washington’s infinite wisdom, it was decided that tribes should no longer be tribes, never mind that they had been tribes for thousands of years. ”
—- Ben Nighthorse Campbell, Opening Keynote Address