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The Monday after the Travyon Martin/George Zimmerman verdict came in I sit with 80 youth in a rehearsal room at The Goodman Theatre. While Chicago is known for being one the the most segregated cities in America, our rehearsal room is not. Our students come from every part of the city (and beyond), every socioeconomic background, and a multitude of cultural backgrounds. We spend the summers together in a 6 week intensive that encompasses social justice, playwriting, devised work and performance. We give them the highest level of training, and thanks to the Goodman, we do it for free.

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Building a New Racial Justice Movement – COLORLINES

Creating a multiracial movement for justice requires more than slapping the word “new” in front of “civil rights movement.”

“…in the main, we don’t want to talk about race, much less about racism. Our societal silence makes room for inventive new forms of discrimination, while it blocks our efforts to change rules that disadvantage people of color. Unless we say what we mean, we cannot redefine how racism works or drive the debate toward equity.”

by Rinku Sen

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In this article Rinku covers:

  • The Need for Plain Speech
  • Justice and Rights Aren’t the Same
  • Going Multiracial

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I Am Not Trayvon Martin, but I am a father

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“I am a 56 year old white man, whose father came from eastern European immigrants and whose mother came from the Confederate families of Virginia. I am married to an African American woman.  I have a mixed race son of 17 years who I fear for every day.”


“…this country has not yet moved beyond the racism used to justify the abhorrent institution of slavery. It is more insidious now, being hidden in code language and insinuation rather than explicit statement.”


“Stand Your Ground is a license to kill – an instrument of oppression.”

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Justice 4 Trayvon Supporters Shut Down Multiple Freeways

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Oakland, LA, Houston

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Standing up (UNARMED) to the oppressive systemic racist industrial complex of the US

#Justice4Trayvon #NoJusticeNoPeace

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Trayvon Zimmerman

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“George Zimmerman ruined not only the Martins’ lives, but his own. He may not be in jail now, but he will surely be imprisoned for the rest of his life. And it is not because he is “evil” or “racist” (he may or may not be those things, I don’t know), but because his choices that night were constrained by a corrupt and violent culture that severely limited his “choices.” -Brett Russell Coleman

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No More Race – Blog

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Getting beyond race, and accepting that there is no such thing.

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Talking to Your Kids About Race

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In light of the Trayvon Martin tragedy, many people are asking, “What can I do to take action and prevent this from happening again?”  Well, a great place to start is in our own famili…

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