Mixed Nut, Part One – Sarah Doneghy

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‘Mixed Nut.’ A one woman show about growing up with a white British Mom and a black American Dad in a small town in West Virginia. About always getting asked, ‘What are you?’ and the struggle to come up with an appropriate answer. Performed for a month at the People’s Improv Theater in NYC.

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Video: Just a Family – A Multiracial Family Shares Their Experience

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“Just a Family – by The New York Times This is a great video about a multiracial family by adoption and then by marriage. Their family tree and photo slideshow. Thoughts?”

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theGrio: Bone marrow from “Black” donor is match for Mixed patient

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theGRIO VIDEO – Bone marrow from “Black” New York postal worker Audrey Pollard saved the life of a Mixed man thousands of miles away…

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Freedom Riders . Watch | PBS | WGBH American Experience .

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THIS > Precious Knowledge | Video | Must Watch

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Best summary of the CULTURAL GENOCIDE raging in Arizona’s Tucson High School. Must Watch.
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Multiracial Identity | VIDEO

Walk down the street in any Canadian city. The face of Canada is changing, no longer predominantly white and of European descent. How does being multiracial shape your identity?
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Police Academy – Teens meet the Police

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Anti Defamation League – We Are a Nation of Immigrants

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Anti Defamation League – We Are a Nation of Immigrants   videos
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