Flow of Central American Children Headed to U.S. Shifts but Doesn’t Slow [Mini Video Documentary]

Tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors fleeing violence and poverty are still making a dangerous journey north, though many are now being stopped in Mexico.

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Interracial couple and gay friend attacked in Queens, suspected hate crime

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NBC New York – An interracial married couple says they were attacked outside a bar in Queens early Saturday, and that their attackers used racial and homophobic slurs…

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The Murder Of Emmett Till (2003) (Documentary from American Experience)

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Thank you Peanut.

She posted this video in the comments on Abagond’s post about Trayvon Martin.

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Piers Morgan Debates Gun Lover Who Wants Him Deported

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Glenn Robinson‘s insight:

The first thing Morgan says is “Why do you want me deported?”
Some people think they can win an argument with loudness.
This Alex Jones guy is just a mess of angry non-sense.
Notice how he tries to change the subject?
That’s how pro-gun people do.
More guns = more death.
Bottom line.

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ORLANDO BARRIA – Faceless Dolls (Ana Rubí and Miriam, Victims of the Devil`s Acid), 2011 | Lizzie Mariko

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“Removing the faces is an erasure of humanity, which is the first step towards allowing the atrocities” -Lizzie Mariko

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Black and White: Vestiges of Biracialism in American Discourse

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Great article, now available for free download.   “During the early years of the republic, the identity “American” was made white. As evidenced by Noah Webster’s first American Dictionary, after the Revolutionary War the concept African American became unthinkable to Euro-Americans. Webster defined “American” as “a native of America; originally applied to the aboriginals, or copper-colored races, found here by the Europeans; but now applied to the descendants of Europeans born in America.” In his dictionary, Webster represented “American” as white and explicitly excluded Indians while ignoring Americans of African descent.”
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Large Crowds Protest NYPD Cops’ Rape Charge Acquittal

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A crowd of hundreds gathered outside the criminal court in lower Manhattan on Friday evening to protest the acquittal of New Yorkpolice officers Kenneth Moreno and Franklin Mata. The protest was organized by a coalition of women’s rights groups, including Permanent Wave and Feministing. The purpose of the demonstration, as stated on the Facebook page for the event, was to urge the New York Police Department to implement comprehensive sexual assault training for new officers, along with other preventative measures that will ensure similar incidents do not happen in the future. The organizers are giving Police Commissioner Ray Kelly one week to respond to their demands. “The NYPD are supposed to be stewards of safety, stewards of the law,” Michelle Crentsil, a union leader who helped plan the protest, told HuffPost. “It’s not just about this case, it’s about the entire idea of rape and sexual assault not being taken seriously.” Lori Adelman, of the women’s rights group Permanent Wave, said she posted the event on Facebook the day before. Within 24 hours, the page had over 1,500 attendees. “New Yorkers deserve to feel safe, and this verdict clearly showed that we have no reason to feel safe in this city,” Adelman said at the protest.
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The U.S.-Mexican War . The Aftermath of War . A War of Violence and Violations: The Consequences of Conquest | PBS

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“We must, I believe, all understand that the war — its aftermath and its continuation that we live with on a daily basis — is about violence and violation. The democracy and freedom that some of us live has been bought and continues to be bought with the violence and subjugation of others. That violence has taken many forms — it wasn’t just about military or armed violence. It was also the violence of removing people from their land. It was and is the violence of trying to silence their language. It’s the violence of broken treaties, of telling people “You are citizens,” then treating them as anything but citizens, by denying them the rights and privileges of full citizenship. It was a violence of demeaning and trying to delegitimize a culture and a way of being.”

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