Are Mixed Race Asian/Whites, “Basically White”?



Silencing is a major way in which the hierarchy remains intact and racial injustice prevails. One of our greatest struggles then in undoing racism is learning how to receive the stories of others non-predatorily and with true attempt at understanding. That means as we struggle to hear and honor the stories of people marginalized by this construct, we should always be careful about telling anyone their oppression is unreal or untrue. Remember the practice of silencing is what oppressors have done for — well practically ever. Let’s not use the oppressors’ tools to keep oppressing. There are many stories within the story of “race” and they all matter. We can’t ever know the whole picture if we aren’t willing to see its many component parts. And if we can’t see the whole picture, it will be near impossible to make things better.”


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Bold emphasis is mine.