Anti-Muslim Protests on First Day at Houston’s Arabic Immersion School

Protestors denouce Arabic immersion school for kindergarten and preschool students as “anti-American.”

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Noam Chomsky on The Left, Class, Racism, Xenophobia and the Right (6/8)

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“Chomsky discusses the history of Racism in the United States, and dealing with xenophobia and the right. Historically these tendencies have been overcome by “common activities … on the basis of their class interests.” The interview was conducted in Leiden, the Netherlands, in March 2011.”

Glenn Robinson‘s insight:

How would you say the U.S. is doing now?

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The Wall Trailer (Original) | SERIOUS 5 minute education on xenophobia, racism and wasting money

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SERIOUS 5 minute education on xenophobia, racism and wasting money   A documentary about the Secure Fence Act and Comprehensive Immigration Reform.
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