Facebook Went There – Race


I had been telling people that identity sites like Facebook and Google+ don’t have a field for race – because race does not define us.

Well, maybe I was wrong – again.

Facebook went there – at least on this ‘Brief survey’ that popped up at the top of my page.

Now is my chance to protest the establishment. Oops, they don’t have a box to write in what I really am: Human and a mix of my parents, grandparents, great grandparents and so on — all the way back to my African brothers and sisters who Created All People.

People would look at me and label me White. I detest the label White and the label Caucasian. People of European heritage are either pink from North Europe, orange from Central Europe or brown from South Europe.

Caucasian is a race. The concept of race has been proven to be non-sense years ago. Notice they don’t use the term Negro or Mongoloid – so why are they using the term Caucasian?

They also don’t use the term red or yellow, so why are they using the term White when people know that White is associated with so many negatives (White Pride, White Power, White Supremacy, White Racism, White Privilege).

Facebook! If the U.S. Census is allowing us to check more then one box and to write in our race – you certainly can do the same.

Facebook! You can also add the terms European American, Latino American, East Asian American, South Asian American and Black American while you are at it.


Glenn is of the Irish, German, Dutch, English, and Austrian diasporas. He is taken by Charo who is of Spanish and Amerindian heritage. They have two children, made in California. He likes sociology, anthropology, ethnography, psychology & history.

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