Harvard University Accepts Largest-Ever Percentage of Black Students | The Afro-American Newspapers |

The recent increase of African Americans at Harvard follows an effort by that university’s Black Student Association, which created the “I, Too, Am Harvard” project on Tumblr to address issues of Black identity and concerns from Black students at Harvard.

Dr. Boyce Watkins, a finance professor at Syracuse University praised Harvard’s accomplishment, but said he would like higher institutions to further diversify college campuses.

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Bhagat Singh Thind


Bhagat Singh Thind(1892-1967), an Indian American spiritual teacher and writer, was denied US citizenship in United States v. Bhagat Singh Thind (1923). The Supreme Court ruled, 9 to 0, that while Thind was arguably Caucasian, he was not white.


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Click through to read the whole article.This story paints the picture of one man’s personal sovereignty, dignity and persistence vs the twisted thinking of U.S. xenophobia. An amazing story that should be made into a movie. @getgln

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Bird by Crystal Chan

In the small town of Caledonia, Iowa, Jewel stands out: she’s “‘half-Jamaican, a quarter white, and a quarter Mexican.’” As if to provide a physical embodiment of Jewel’s hapa background, the audib…

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Will Today’s Hispanics Be Tomorrow’s Whites?

The Trayvon Martin shooting was hardly in the national consciousness before fault lines emerged around the case. Was Martin as innocent as he seemed? Did Zimmerman fear for his life? Did Martin provoke the incident? Was Zimmerman a racist? Perhaps most controversial among all of these was the question of…

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At first I thought Jamelle Bouie was off base — conflating ethnicity with race, but he has a point. Is ‘White’ a culture or a race?
This is the first I’ve heard of the theory of Hispanic becoming White.
Steven Riley (of Mixed Race Studies) has mentioned to me that it seems ‘Asian’ may merge into the White category.
Some say that many Asian Americans out ‘white’ the Whites. So then, is White more of a culture? I would say a culture because many white’s don’t even think of themselves as a race – just human – raceless. We all certainly have our cultures but we don’t think about race so much unless forced to when filling out the census or school applications, or in academics.
-Glenn Robinson

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Multiracial Asian Families: Mixed or Not, Why Are We Still Taking Pictures of “Race”?

“This person is an actual living, breathing human being — but she is not being treated as such…Her physical body is used as a site for others to play out their racial theorizing while her own voice and story remain conspicuously absent.”

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It seems the current fascination is on new and often unique versions of mixed race. Some say exotic.
In the future the fascination may shift to unique designer babies, or ‘mono-racial’ people, although it’s said that there are no pure races. However, there are people who are recently mixed between continents and others who have not mixed between continents in hundreds or thousands of years.

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New Blog!

Biracial Generation

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Welcome to biracial generation,

We are Nina and Veronica, and we are the sole creators of this blog. The reason why we started this blog is to talk about what it’s like growing up to be a mixed child. We both have white fathers and black mothers and we both live in a single family home, the only difference is that Veronica lives with her father, and Nina lives with her mother. So our lifestyles are both different, yet we share some of the same experiences.

The concept of this blog is to talk about our experiences growing up being mixed. We will be talking about many different topics from hair care to relationships. Please note that we understand that not everyone is in our situation, and we respect that. That is why we are starting this blog because we feel that the biracial community does not get much recognition.

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