Infographic: The Multi-Racial and Ethnic Shift in America

The country is slowly becoming more like a “rainbow,” according to a new book by Paul Taylor and the Pew Research called “The Next America”.

Four of these five groups are very mixed in their racial heritage.

Intermarriage among people of different races is increasingly common. In 1980, just 7% of all marriages in the U.S. were between spouses of a different race or ethnicity.  
In 2010, that share has doubled to 15% of all new marriages in the U.S. Hispanics (26%) and Asians (28%) were most likely to “marry out,” compared with 9% of whites and 17% of blacks. – Pew Research

‘Fresh Off the Boat’: A Sweet Father-Son Fiction – COLORLINES

By Julianne Hing

“Are my unabashedly positive feelings about “Fresh Off the Boat” colored by a desperation to see Asian faces on television? How much is due to the fact that it genuinely makes me laugh? Then again am I only laughing so hard because the Huang family reminds me of my own Chinese family? Is it possible that this show really is as good as it seems?

That’s what I’ve been asking myself the last four weeks that ABC’s “Fresh Off the Boat” has been on the air. As the show continues, and I continue to laugh, I’m no better able to answer those questions today than I was a month ago. Mine is an incredulity born of a lifetime of jaded pop culture consumption where crap TV is the norm and Asian invisibility is the standard. Last night’s Episode 6, “Fajita Man,” was no different.”

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Baby Gammy and the Sexual Politics of Mixed Race Asians

[Australia] Separated twin sister, Pipah, with Wendy and David Farnell (bio father)

by Sharon H Chang

A couple years ago young Thai mother Pattaramon Chanbua agreed to be a surrogate for Australian couple David and Wendy Farnell. It was a disaster.

Last week Thailand legally banned commercial surrogacy, which is now a criminal offense.

I always try to remember these children in the work I do. I consider them my brothers and sisters, part of my diaspora. Though sometimes distant in miles (sometimes not), our histories are nonetheless connected, fates intertwined, stories interwoven. I know in working to hear the experiences of their lived lives I can better understand my own and the life I now live with my family. Certainly I often find we have more in common than I would have ever thought. My hope is you can join me too in thinking about the painful patterns – the system – I have unveiled here; in sitting with the discomfort, reflecting on your connections to something that most refuse to even look at. There is so much to be gained from seeing and so much lost from leaving anything behind.

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There are train wrecks all the time, but the trains keep running.

Surrogacy laws need to be written to include background checks and written so that no one is allowed to take advantage of the other.

Surrogacy needs to be win-win or no deal.

PS – half way down the article there is a horrific revelation if you haven’t guessed that already. better sit yourself down for this one.

I asked myself how the dad ever got out of jail, then I realized – white privilege.


Zendaya Speaks Out After Her Dreadlocks Are Criticized at Oscars

E! hosts declared that she probably “smells like patchouli oil,” or “weed.”



Zendaya responds beautifully to a mean spirited remark about her hair, and gets tens of thousands of Retweets and Favs.

Zendaya Response 1

Zendaya Response 2

Giuliana Rancic put on blast by Twitter.

Giuliana appology


White House staffer Leah Katz-Hernandez is a pioneer on the reception desk

By Pablo Manriquez 

In the West Wing of the White House, Leah Katz-Hernandez communicates with the first couple in a way that few others, even the president’s most trusted advisers, ever do.

Katz-Hernandez, who is deaf, is the new receptionist of the United States, or what those in Washington like to abbreviate as ROTUS (a play on POTUS – president of the United States). She grew bicoastal, raised by a Jewish mother and a Mexican-American father in Connecticut, frequently visiting her father’s family in California.

After working in the Chicago headquarters of Obama’s re-election campaign, she moved to Washington, D.C., and was hired as an assistant in the first lady’s office.

“It was my first week on the job,” Katz-Hernandez, 27, told Fox News Latino. “I was having lunch at my desk when a staffer from the West Wing came by and said, ‘I want to introduce you to the First Lady.’ The next thing I know the First Lady is standing in front of me. She said, ‘Hi, my name is…’ and then she finger-spelled her name. It was really a wonderful moment. I knew I’d arrived in a great place and felt really motivated to work hard for her.”

In her new job as ROTUS, Katz-Hernandez gets to welcome all of the president’s guests to the West Wing. “I make sure that everyone is happy, and everyone feels welcome and has a nice experience when they come into the West Wing lobby,” Hernandez said through a sign-language translator. “I also manage the Roosevelt Room and Ward Room, as well – you know, managing the relationship with the Kennedy Center with regards to the president’s box.”

At the White House, Katz-Hernandez has access to an interpreter to help her do her job.

“The White House is really a model for accessibility for people with disabilities – and especially for deaf people,” she said. “I believe my story sends a good message about the abilities of people who are deaf and Latino to be successful anywhere.”

Her first two weeks as ROTUS were a whirlwind. “Already I’ve had so many opportunities to meet people in the West Wing lobby,” Katz-Hernandez said. “It is inspiring to see the mix of ordinary Americans and powerful people coming in to see the president.”

“During my first week when ‘Humans of New York’ photographer Brandon Stanton” – who started a fund to try to raise money for Motts Hall Bridges Academy in Brooklyn –“came in with Vidal [Chastanet] and his principal, [Nadia] Lopez, I saw American people doing good work and making an impact. Just days later, I saw Chancellor Merkel of Germany come in for the bilateral meetings. Seeing the president with Chancellor Merkel – the two of them together – was really humbling. I felt honored to be there in the West Wing when world leaders meet.”

Katz-Hernandez puts her father at the top of the list of people who inspire her.

“My father was born in California, in the Los Angeles area. He grew up on horse ranches. He worked hard, put himself through college, and earned his PhD. He’s always taught me it’s very important to give back to your community,” she said.

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I love this story! Heartwarming. 

As diversity increases, will U.S. be more or less politically divided?

The United States is rapidly transforming into a more diverse, more educated and older nation. Gwen Ifill talks to Karlyn Bowman of the American Enterprise Institute and Ruy Teixeira of the Center for American Progress about a special collaborative report that analyzes the implications of these changes and what they mean for American politics.


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These Are Apple’s New, Diverse Emoji

Apple has today delivered a new beta of OS X to developers that comes with a major new feature: diverse emoji.

A tipster sent in these screenshots of the new emoji palette found in OS X 10.10.3. … click and hold on any emoji to change the skin tone. The same emoji are appearing in iOS 8.3 beta 2 as well.



Kudos to Apple.


However, the yellow skin looks ridiculous. No one actually has yellow skin like that.

My prediction, in their next revision they will let you change the hair color. Then in the next revision after that they will let you change the hair texture.

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